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Addictions Heading to Disaster


Gambling takes hold of a person’s soul subjecting him/her to fun, excitement and money, which in turn dissociates the person from reality. Gambling increases the heart rate, impulses, etc which gives off a high similar to drug and/or alcohol addictions.

Gamblers are driven by ego, taking risks, and will often seek acceptance to affirm connection with reality. Thus, the person strives to prove self in society.

A person addicted to shopping will shop when unhappy feelings knock on their door, and will often spend beyond their financial means. A persona addicted to shopping is similar to alcoholics or drug addicts, i.e. they will hide items purchased, hiding the items out of fear, or else never use the items purchased. While alcoholics and drug addicts will use their purchases, the similarities of hiding their habits are never contrasting.

Pornographic materials are claiming marriages, child’s mental wellness, lives, etc yet no one is making the moves to remove the garbage from the marketplace. Thus, the entire world is influenced by sexuality, thus making people symbols, victims and addicts of these harmful materials.

Now we have pornographic addicts, which are leading us straight toward disaster. Especially since serial killers are addicts of pornographic materials. These souls will use the materials (not to reach fulfillment) rather to enforce their reasons to kill. Serial killers believe that humans are a waste to society, thus this motivates the killer to kill.

Morphine addictions are ever rising. Morphine derived from opium, which at one time was a good poppy plant that benefited others until one German discovered the ingredients that brought forth morphine and later brought forth heroin. Thus, now we are dealing with morphine, opium, and heroin addicts all around the world.

Opium is highly addictive and it has a tendency to develop physical and psychological dependence very quickly, which means within few encounters with the drug a person can become addict of it. At one time the drug was utilized to treat (mostly women) diseases, or common pains caused from menstrual cramping. After the good German man played around with the plant, disaster followed.

Kleptomania is an addiction, since the person often feels the impulse to steal to satisfy a desire. Kleptomaniacs will steal even if they have money to pay for the items. Yet, we must consider this addiction closely, since kleptomaniacs often have dangerous underlying disorders, such Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Cigarettes are one the leading addictions of today. Addiction to smoking is reached usually within the first year of experimenting with cigarettes. Yet, some people can test the tobacco out of curiosity and put it down, others will continue smoking sense they believe it rests their nerves. Cigarettes do the opposite in fact. If you smoke before bedtime chances are you will experience restlessness and anxiety, since the cigarette has fourteen different drugs, including carbon monoxide.

Sexual addictions can include – No Sex or Limited Sex. Some sex addicts are predatory in nature and will often fantasize, including penetration, oral, sadism, fantasizing through images. Sex addicts masturbate frequently, while engaging in immoral thoughts. Yet, while the person is fantasizing he may not search for a partner, unless has intentions to harm or to engage in sadistic behaviors.

The addictive nature of drugs varies, i.e. many drug users strive to fill a need, which starts with small consumption, and leads to excessive usage. In addition, a person psychologically or genetically predisposed may become addicted to drugs etc, and has higher chances of becoming a dependency.

As we discuss the different types of addictions, we see that all have mechanisms that can lead to disaster.


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