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A person might go to an AA Meeting and tell the audience they are a cross-addictive survivor, yet many of the people may become confused. Cross-addictions are using alcohol, drugs combined, and being addicted to both.

Alcoholics will often drink alcohol and stay away from drugs with the exceptional occasions that they may try drugs out of curiosity. Drug addicts will often use drugs to escape reality, yet they will drink alcohol without the purpose of getting drunk.

Cross-addicts will use both alcohol and drugs to receive a height of highness. Sometimes cross addicts will depend on alcohol to receive the level of high, especially when they cannot make connections with dealers to obtain drugs, or else they are low on cash and cannot afford the drugs.

Likewise, if the person has money they will buy drugs and drinks to get their level of high, or sometimes the person will drink or drug one day dismissing one of the substances or chemicals.

Cross-addictions are far more dangerous than alcoholism, since mixing drugs and alcohol can lead to death sooner. Cross-addicts will use cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, alcohol, liquor, etc without caring what substances and chemicals they mix.

Cross-addicts take greater risks than common alcoholics do, i.e. they often affiliate with drug dealers, users, etc which puts them at risk of going to prison, not excluding the risk of losing their life. The drugs and alcohol is not the only area of threat to life in this situation, since when bad blood crosses in drug relationships, death could be the ultimate result.

Cross-addicts are often in extreme denial, while alcoholics will admit they have drinking problems, yet fail to see the results of drinking. Drug and alcohol addicts will hide heavier than common alcoholics will, since they are behaving illegally. In other words, drugs are against the law; therefore, the person has to use extreme precautions, which brings on paranoia.

Paranoia often sets in because a person has to live in secrecy ongoing, and because the person is breaking the law, including, moral laws. Cross-addicts are less revealing.

Cross-addicts rarely tell anyone other than druggies or persons they feel they can trust behaving in like manner, but will not tell family, true friends, or counselors. Rarely do they seek help until the law comes in and the person is arrested and forced by the courts to seek help. Some people confuse paranoia with paranoid, however paranoid is more extreme and anyone with paranoid symptoms is either schizophrenic, psychotic, etc.

Alcoholics tend to fall into the arms of the law before getting help also, however some alcoholics will try to quite on their own, or else seek help on their own contrary to what others believe.

Cross-addicts will also commit other crimes in some instances. Especially if the person uses crack cocaine, the person will often steal, lie, sell self as sex to get drugs, sell children, etc.

Crack addicts are by far the worse types of drug addicts in the world. They have no purpose in life often, and often feel as though the life is drained from their souls. Cocaine addicts will also commit other crimes, yet they are passive and rarely expose their actions. For example, cocaine addicts might sell drugs to support their habits, or else swindle or even steal on occasions to find ways to support their addictions.

Marijuana is more or less a pastime drug, and while some claim it is addictive, I would have to see more evidence and facts that support their claims.

Therefore, marijuana is not something I would put in the category of addictions. In fact, my counselor’s husband smoked marijuana and she is the one that put me to thinking more into marijuana, yet I hate the stuff, so regardless I find no use of it, yet it is the only statistical poll on the marketplace, i.e. the drug has caused no deaths at this time.

This includes affecting the heart that would cause death.

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