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A Simple Step To Curbing Food Addiction Naturally


You will go through life meeting people who will give you 10 ways to stop food cravings, 7 strategies to curb your food addiction, six ways to that and 5 tips to this and that and when they are gone – with your money – they will leave you broke and still addicted to food.

You see as, people we are driven by needs, we live our lives in pursuit of something.

Sometimes we may not know what it is but we know we are not content. Opportunists know this and they thrive on it. They thrive on this human weakness of always looking for something more.

Why do you think there are so many versions of a software, sequels of a movie, added ingredients on a face lotion and what have you.

The second thing that these opportunist thrive on is people’s desire for instant gratification.

For someone living with food addiction, he or she may buy a health pack that promises to help stop food cravings instantly simple because it promises quick delivery.

When it fails to do that, the very person who was selling the health pack will come back with another “new and improved” pack in a matter of days to get your next month’s paycheck.

People living with food addiction are known to be desperate and willing to try anything to stop.

This is why I say, food addiction can have financial consequences not only through buying expensive junk food but also in trying to stop them by applying the wrong methods.

I believe a simple step to curbing food cravings naturally is sitting yourself down and having a serious talk with yourself. This sounds silly but you’d be surprised to know how many people actually do this in their own private space.

Even well known speakers are known to talk to themselves in the bathroom or bedroom before a big presentation. So sit yourself in front of a mirror and confront yourself.

Once you start opening you will start to discover things you did not really know about you. Depending on where the conversation goes, you will start to identify your food craving triggers and will find solutions about what to do to prevent it.

As long as you don’t take this lightly it can work.

By the way I suggest you keep a diary of your conversations as a point of reference later on. It is so inspiring to read something you wrote years back and to realize that you have actually achieved what you set out to achieve.

In essence, what I am trying to say is, you have it all within you to stop your food addictions. Of course you will need to gain some knowledge about your body and your food craving triggers.

In some instances finding a good mentor might even be a necessity.

Curbing food addiction naturally does not happen overnight – so be patient.

Find the right support group such as people at work, forums online, mentors etc who will understand and help you on your quest.

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