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Gambling Addiction Articles


Below is a list of the Gambling Addiction related articles that have currently been republished on the TopAddictions web site.

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The Social Impacts of Gambling
Gambling is popular all over the world. It comes in various ways and means. To mention one of the most popular forms, it is lottery. For some people, this is the remedy but the hidden fact is that it is a big blow to the society especially to those who are poor and disadvantaged.


There are different effects caused by gambling, the degree of these effects matter on the length of the time one engages on it. Well, there are people who engage on it without any dash of negative effects or consequences but we could hide the reality.
Addiction is a serious social issue that society is still trying to muster. With gambling addiction, gamblers just don’t lose money but life and family as well. That is why it is extremely important to solve the problem.
Pathological gambling not like chemical addiction is a disease not easily noticeable. There are a lot of indicators that would identify a chemically dependent person.
A gambling problem usually occurs when a person over indulges in gambling, ending up being indebted and having dysfunctional relationships with loved ones.
Narcotic drugs aren’t the only things that are addictive in this world. Gambling is also addictive. There have been a lot of incidences of people stealing, getting too indebted sometimes even committing suicide just because of gambling problems.