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How To Get Rid Of Your Pornography Addiction


Most of our youth today are no aliens to this addiction. This addiction has been an addiction to many people over many decades. It is partly a form of sexual addiction. Pornography addiction is almost a psychological addiction or a person’s dependence upon pornography which causes an obsession for viewing or reading or thinking about pornography all the time.

This is an addiction that almost everyone is vulnerable to. This addiction has cost many people their relationships, marriages, jobs, destruction of families, maxed out credit cards etc. Society at large looks down upon this kind of an addiction although almost everyone today has viewed or likes to view porn.

It is not known to most but viewing pornography causes our body to endogenously produce and release various chemical drugs. Some of the chemicals produced are epinephrine, adrenaline, adrenocorticotropic hormone, noradrenaline, norepinephrine and testosterone.

These drugs are adding up to the destruction of so many families. A persistent access of Pornography often has an effect of self medication where a person forgets his current circumstances while it causes an addiction as well.

How do you know you have an addiction?

You begin to view it daily and realize you cant do with out it

When viewing, you feel guilty and ashamed

You keep your viewing secret from others

Overcoming Pornography Addiction:

Pornography is a big problem plaguing our youth and many married men. There are plenty of women who suffer from this addiction as well but it is more common among men. We need to treat this problem. It is the cause of many failed marriages.

Yes this is definitely treatable. But in order to overcome pornography addiction, the person suffering from the same has to realize he or she has a problem and want to change.

Most often than not, people suffering from this addiction, like to keep low and keep it a secret. It often takes a lot of time for someone to detect their problem and when detected very often they will refuse to see it as a problem. They also feel ashamed to seek help and almost will never go to a doctor.

How can he or she be healed of pornography addiction?

No need to fret, you can rid your self of this dreadful addiction by your self. Just help your self to hypnosis MP3s that is available on line. Yes you can cure your addiction through a few hypnosis sessions. During the hypnosis session your mind will travel to a place that will teach you what is important.

It will get in touch with your needs wisdom and issues which your conscious mind may be oblivious too. Your mind will rid you from your porn addiction. It has the power to do so and it will be empowered to do so after you have gone through the hypnosis session. After you have successfully completed the different session you will experience a new freedom.

You will find your self free from the addiction of pornography. You will be able to go for days on end without viewing any pornographic video or site. If you should ever feel tempted again, all you got to do is go through the hypnosis MP3 once again.

by Shanat Kuphur

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