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Internet Addiction Articles


Below is a list of the Internet Addiction related articles that have currently been republished on the TopAddictions web site.

What is Internet Addiction
Even the Internet can be addicting! Although Internet Addiction is not yet an official disorder, obsessive Internet use is a real problem for some today. Yes, the Internet is fast becoming just another part of everyday life, much like the TV and the computer itself.


Cyber Addiction Grows
Compulsive computer game players have been labelled as not being addicted. Ninety percent of the young people who seek treatment are reported to have nothing wrong with them.


Understanding Online Addictions
Online addictions can be broken into five different categories. Naturally the one that most people are aware of is Cybersex. A cyber sexual addiction is when a person is engaged in not only watching but downloading and trading online pornography.


Internet Addiction and Children-Hidden Dangers and 15 Warning Signs
Timothy was twelve when his parents bought him a computer for his room, thinking it would be helpful to him with his homework, as he was entering junior high. Timothy took to the Internet immediately and soon discovered chat rooms and email.


Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet?
Kids use the Internet like the telephone of yesteryear. They use it for entertainment, education and communication and not necessarily in that order. In some ways chat rooms are like milk bars and hamburger places of the past where young people could spend time without adult interference.


Cyber Anxiety
For the information addict who has been restricted to major media and books for sources, the internet is as seductive as altered consciousness or corporate power. Because my early experience was restricted to just a few hours of access and we were encouraged to print in a local school computer lab.


Sex, Society and the Internet
Sex, society and the Internet. These three explosive topics have elicited a lot of conversation and controversy. Society has always had a fascination with sex.


Children’s Internet Usage: How Parents Can Take Control
At present there are around 400 million users that log on to the World Wide Web regularly for personal and professional work. Daily internet usage is at a higher level than ever before.


Online Infidelity – Is Your Partner Having a Cyber Affair?
With the increasing use of the internet comes the risk of online infidelity which can lead to marital problems and can even cause a marriage to break down.


The Internet – Blessing Or Curse?
The fastest way to access the best of information is undoubtedly through the Internet. It is said to be the cheapest and everyone agrees with it. Browsing is considered much easier than flipping through pages and pages of books in the library.