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Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation is an action of playing with one’s own private organs, namely the penis and the vagina. The act is not socially accepted and hence is always done in private. Masturbation is carried out by many individuals at different stages in life. This could be at an early age out of curiosity or as older individuals who engage in it for momentary sexual pleasure.

Many feel that the practice of masturbation makes one impotent (however not true) and hence many fear to do the same. Masturbation is done when one is in a mental state of having sex but may not have a partner to have sex or their partner is not in the mood.

Masturbation is done to get the feeling of orgasm which is the feeling that one experiences during sexual intercourse.

Masturbation is a healthy way to satisfy one’s sexual feelings or sexual desires. Normally while masturbating one may be fantasying or thinking about his/ her partner. Masturbation can not be done at any particular age, for men 15 years- 16 years is the age when he can or may be able to masturbate.

However this is early for ladies as their physical growth is also faster as compared to men. Ladies may be able to masturbate as early as the time they start their menstruation period this may be anything between 12 years to 15 years.

Masturbation may also turn into an addiction for many people for various reasons like incomplete sex, long periodical gap between sex, etc. However there are many people who get addicted to the action of masturbation and then this may cause later health issues and people who get into this habit may have many other reasons as well like psychological reasons or even sociological reasons.

People tend to get more and more addicted to this habit as and how time passes by as this is the only way that many get their sexual desires satisfied.

This may be a very serious problem for many as this habit may cause diseases as bacteria is easily generated and if not cleaned thoroughly then it may be very harmful to the human body.

Many people do not end this habit even in late stages of life and then complain of various types of pain in the personal parts. There are various measures taken by science to try to end this addiction for the betterment of one’s life however the medicines are very costly and people are ashamed to attend a doctor for cure for such type of addiction.

Hypnotherapy is one study which can be used as a solution but not many like to go to a psychiatrist as they are either shy to explain the addiction or even at times think that it may be normal.

However to resolve such issues for breaking this habit there are various MP3 versions of hypnotherapy for masturbation available on the Internet which contains information to stop this addiction and they are made by renowned psychiatrists.

Download the session and just follow the steps shown in the disc and the habit shall be easily put to an end.

by Shanat Kuphur


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