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Pornography Addiction


The world is gone mad. The media, magazines, TV, government and many other sources are allowing pornography to exist regardless of whom it hurts.

Some people argue that the Freedom of Speech Act enables these producers and manufactures to promote, and produce pornography. This is far from the truth, since the Act of Freedom of Speech does not include illicit pictures.

A person addicted to pornography material is probably the worst types of addicts, outside of crack addicts. Pornography has lead to murder, thief, lies, deceit, torture, etc and it only promotes serial killers, serial rapists, pedophiles, etc. People with pornography addictions tend to masturbate frequently, and will often switch sexual partners on an ongoing basis.

Most addicts will use pornographic materials to satisfy a greed, envy, or burning desire, which is a selfish desire.

Pornographic addictions are harder to understand, since it is a thought provoking action backed by chemicals and hormones. Persons engaging in pornography will often have lack of respect and might extend their addiction to extreme harmful acts, i.e. pornography leads to child molestation and pornography depictions of innocent children.

Both men and women engaging in pornographic materials are sick mentally and will need help to recover.

Pornography dates back to the early years of our time, and our first Teacher stated clearly that anyone mentally thinking wrongfully is just as guilty as though committing the act.

Pornographic materials are claiming marriages, child’s mental wellness, lives, etc yet no one is making the moves to remove the garbage from the marketplace. Thus, the entire world is influenced by sexuality, thus making people symbols, victims and addicts of these harmful materials.

As a victim of pornography myself, I’d rather be around alcoholics any day, since they are less harmful to others.

The materials affect the mind of victims and addicts so dramatically that it leads to detrimental crimes. Serial killers are addicts of pornographic materials.

These souls will use the materials (not to reach satisfaction) rather to enforce their reasons to kill. Serial killers believe that humans are a waste to society, thus this motivates the killer to kill. Pornography addictions could have different reasons behind it.

The faulty or incomplete exposure at early age, relationship failures, insufficiency of love, unchecked behavior, regular and compulsive encounter with provoking material such as pornography and “x” rated material are few of many reasons.

As a mean to Escape from current situation and responsibilities, could also be one of reason for this addiction. Yet the primary reason is to escape reality replacing it with fantasy and excitement.

When a person views pornographic materials, they will often feel stimulated. The mind feels a rush of adrenaline, thus the impulses kick in and the person starts to feel a high.

Once this occurs the feeling lingers shortly, thus leaving a lasting impression in the mind, which promotes addiction, since more materials are needed to fill a lust, desire, envy, greed, selfishness, etc.

Pornographic addictions as other addictions, is a curable disease and addicts can lead normal lives after attending counseling sessions. Still, what promotes these people to fall into these addictions?

Humans tend to become selfish over time due to the influences around them, not limit the influences to parenting.

Parents might strongly disagree with pornography, protect their child, yet the Internet, Television, Media, etc all produce, and promote the ungodly materials, thus reaching the children regardless of what the parents do to prevent them from coming in contact with such materials.

Some pornographic addicts have spent thousands, or even millions of dollars to support their addiction.

The insanity of this addiction leads one to believe that intensive therapy is needed, since an advocate of psychopath-y exists, i.e. anyone addicted to this material will go beyond when this material is not available to him or her, to fulfill a need.

If the addict is not killing someone else, or harming someone else, you can bet the person is harming self.

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