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Sexual Addiction Articles


Below is a list of the Sexual Addiction related articles that have currently been republished on the TopAddictions web site.


Internet Pornography and Sexual Addictions Create Shame, Despair and Loss of Love
Internet pornography and sexual addictions are destroying relationships. The act of getting involved with totally anonymous strangers for sexual excitement and satisfaction creates a temporary high and inevitably leads to a serious let down.


Pornography Addiction Needs To Be Checked
Pornography addiction in medical terms is called as a psychological addiction or dependence to pornography. Pornography addiction involves viewing of porn clips, reading sex stories and constantly thinking about porn related stuff while doing other work.


How To Get Rid Of Your Pornography Addiction
Most of our youth today are no aliens to this addiction. This addiction has been an addiction to many people over many decades. It is partly a form of sexual addiction.


Sex Addiction FAQ
12 common FAQs about Sex Addiction


Self Hypnosis for Masturbation Addiction
Masturbation is the process in which a person plays with the personal parts of the body for sexual satisfaction. Masturbation gives mental satisfaction to the person that he/ she is sexually satisfied.


Pornography Addiction – How to Overcome Addiction to Pornography
It is only in recent years that the addiction to pornography has received the serious treatment it deserves. This is a condition that can carry some significant consequences and rip families apart. Any addiction begins by becoming a habit.


Masturbation Addiction
Masturbation is an action of playing with one’s own private organs, namely the penis and the vagina. The act is not socially accepted and hence is always done in private.


Learn How to Be Delivered From Drugs, Sexual Perversion, Pain and all Addictions.
On February 10th 1998 I just completed a five-week prophets length fast that consisted of drinking only water and fresh juice after the Holy Spirit directed me. My whole life felt brand-new as I was naturally and spiritually awakened and renewed by the power of God.


How Sperm Volume Enhancers Improve Sexual Performance And Pleasure
On top of increasing semen volume, increasing fertility and experiencing a more powerful and longer lasting climax, other common effects