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Tobacco Addiction


Cigarettes are probably one of the leading addictions today. Recently laws increased tax on the product, yet it has not made headway as to encouraging people to stop.

Furthermore, new laws are issued daily-prohibited smokers to smoke in certain areas, yet it is not stopping the smokers addicted to the nicotine. With new information in hand, it is a wonder that laws have not prohibited smoking all together, yet would it make a difference if they did.

Marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs are all illegal, yet many people use them. Furthermore, the law will only issue a message that the people have no rights, or choices.

Nicotine has more than 14 drugs that are addictive. Nicotine alters the functions of the brain, which creates a craving to use the drugs. The drugs will cause symptoms of withdrawal, e.g. if the person tries to quite smoking anxiety attacks will occur, irritability, etc. Cigarettes or forms of nicotine will cause a person to feel a sense of relief while smoking the drug. Nicotine is the most difficult drug to stop using. Nicotine is the leading drug that has claimed many lives and continues to claim lives daily.

Surgeon General is placing reports on tobacco, yet no one is paying attention to these warnings, i.e. those continue to smoke. During 1998, the information provided by the Surgeons included information, informing the audience that nicotine is addictive, and that it leads to addictions. The General has concluded that nicotine was similar to cocaine and heroin, in that it causes changes in behaviors due to the volume of toxics in the cigarette.

While using nicotine the body reacts spontaneously to the chemicals. The chemical will devise a quick fix to the blood, thus increasing the pressure. The chemical affects the hearts rate, including the stream in blood moving to the heart. Thus, it thins the arteries. The harsh chemicals in nicotine include carbon monoxide, which carries the blood, since oxygen is minimized. This causes the reaction of struggling for oxygen through cells which oxygen demands supplies of blood.

If you are trying to quite smoking, you will experience irritation, become hostile, feel impatient, depression will occur, mood swings, restlessness, inability to concentrate, heart rate changes, possible weight gain, etc. If you are worried about weight gain, drink water before and after meals, i.e. one half hour before and after, since the water will help fill your system in turn it will reduce the odds of gaining weight.

Furthermore, it takes 7 days for the nicotine to remove itself from your system. If you can make it through the seven days, you will pass over those withdrawal symptoms.

 Nicotine will solidify arteries, and can lead to heart failure. The carbon monoxide damages the walls of the hearts artery, thus fatty tissues increase in size. The vessels thin as the result, which in turns hardens the arteries. We are looking at blood clotting, heart failure, etc while considering nicotine.

If you are having difficulty, stopping smoking you might want to speak with your general practitioner. Medications are available that will help you to stop smoking. First, you must have the will to stop; otherwise, no medicine will help you stop smoking. Once you have the will setup a support system, including friends and family that will help you to stop.

The first step to stop smoking is difficult. After the seven days, it becomes easier. The most important thing to do while stop smoking is to stay away from others that smoke, and stay clear of areas that smokers frequent, i.e. bars, etc.

Additional information is available to you if you are trying to stop smoking. Get help now!

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