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When Gambling Becomes an Addiction


At first, Gambling would be a choice of those looking for excitement or challenge, but it would have a very high possibility that one would get hooked, crave for more and get addicted to it. Gambling as a vice would not be that far.

There are different effects caused by gambling, the degree of these effects matter on the length of the time one engages on it.

Well, there are people who engage on it without any dash of negative effects or consequences but we could hide the reality which shows that majority of the people who are into gambling are bombarded by various problems in the area of economic security, family issues, community crimes, psychological issues and more.

• Economic security

With the urge to win prizes and try their luck, gamblers do not stop betting and venturing on their luck. As proved by studies, in general, those who are poor are the ones who are fond of betting and gambling.

This leads to the poor people’s incurring of more debts as they are not really of the capacity to gamble for a long time.

• Family issues

Since gambling becomes a vice or an addiction, it would be a subject of arguments for couples. There are studies in the US which clearly shows that there are numbers of wives being abused by pathological gambling husbands.

Communities with casinos are more prone to crimes that affect or involve the family.

• Community Crimes

There are a lot of crimes and fraudulent activities that are being caused by gambling. Records would show that in areas where gambling is accessible, crime rates also balloons compared to those where gambling is not around.

• Psychological issues

More studies show that there is a great percentage that suicide would be committed by pathological gamblers. Due to the yearning for luck and triumph, once failure bites, depression follows the soonest.

These are just some of the negative effects of gambling to people.

Do you choose not to be a victim?

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